The night is dark and full of terrors, let us light the way.

Rudder is a directions app, designed with you in mind.

Rudder is a directions tool whose approach is twofold. By serving both pedestrians and municipalities, Rudder’s lighting database and paired mobile app have the potential to redefine the lighting game forever.


With real-time user updates, municipalities will be able to track their city’s lighting data in one place while guaging time-based foot traffic within any given area.


Rudder finds its users the most well lit path to their destination. Whether it be their apartment, the library, or a nearby food hub, long walks down dark alleys are a thing of the past.

Light Meter

One of the apps most notable features, Rudder’s simply designed light meter works in 2 ways: First, it helps you guage how well lit your current surroundings are as you make your way to your next adventure. Secondly, the meter doubles as a button for users to report any lights needing service or simply dark areas that need more lighting attention in general. This information is then sent to the Rudder team and forwarded to that persective city’s lighting department ensuring that the problem is brought to the attention of the right people as soon as possible.

Progress Bar

To quickly communicate the steps along your route, the progress bar is capped with small indicator ticks and stretched along the full width of the screen- just another way of showing you just how much further until you can lay your head down on the little slice of cotton heaven you call your bed.

What's to come

  • Share your travel progress with friends and family to give them a heads up when you get home safely

  • Control your route by adjusting our algorithm to favor speed or lighting

  • Turn-by-turn notifications allow you to stay alert in your environment while your phone remains in your pocket

  • Rudder will help you find the inner strength you need to fight off ninjas, vampires, the boogeyman, even walkers...

Our Team The Brainz

Hannah Dow Designer

Some have called her a modern-day Jackie O, others, the human incarnation of Venus herself. As it were, mere mortals cannot handle her otherwordly aura and superhuman talent for designing revolutionary products, cooking food that is routinely featured on Unique Eats, and recanting dad jokes with poise and comedic timing that would put Jim Carrey to shame.

Steve Coffey UX Developer

Friend to dogs and Mary Sue Coleman, Steve is known worldwide as the only man ever to craft a full dining set from nothing but a spoon and half a bottle of Elmer's white glue. The Dalai Lama once told him he had a, "dope haircut," and I heard his mini-harmonica rendition of Sweet Home Alabama made Pierce Brosnan weep like a little baby man.

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